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Rick McKinney - Recurve Seminar

At Wilderness Archery, 4870 Pacific St., Rocklin, CA  95677 - 8 AM-5 PM, April 18, 2020

Hosted by

Wilderness Archery &

Carbon Tech Arrows, Inc.


Form: We will go into detail of why each is used and how to find what works best for you.

  1. Stance – What is the purpose for each – Classic, open, closed
  2. Bow Hand Position
  3. Draw Finger Position
  4. Pre/Draw & Alignment – body
  5. Drawing
  6. Anchor – Side vs Front
  7. Aiming – Focus on Sight or Target
  8. Releasing/Follow through

Bow set-up: This is the beginning on how to tune your bow. If the bow is not properly set up, the effort of tuning is a waste of time.

  1. Poundage
  2. Brace Height
  3. Arrow rest type and location
  4. Limb types and alignment
  5. Stabilizer systems – weight, location, and why
  6. Arrow positioning from plunger
  7. Tiller
  8. Grip
  9. Plunger location
  10. Clicker positioning, tension, height and how to use the clicker properly
  11. String – types, strands, serving, nocking point, nock tension
  12. Sights – initial set-up, adjustments while shooting
  13. Misc. – armguards, finger/bow/wrist slings

Arrows: Finding the right arrows for tuning is critical and not always easy to determine. We will discuss methods to work with in order to get the right arrow before tuning.

  1. Arrow Charts and how to read them
  2. Indoors vs outdoors
  3. Fletching – feathers, rubber vanes, mylar vanes, sizes, angles
  4. Aluminum, Aluminum/Carbon, Carbon
  5. Light weight vs heavy weight
  6. Points – weight and design
  7. Straightness, weight consistency, spine consistency
  8. Arrow Length
  9. Front of Center (FOC), Far Front of Center (FFOC)
  10. Nocks – throat thickness, Nock ears, Length, Pins vs outnocks vs inside nocks

Tuning: There are several methods of tuning and they will be explained for their strengths and weakness’.

  1. Finding the correct spined arrow
  2. Paper tuning
  3. Walk back method
  4. “Tuning for 10’s” method
  5. Bare shaft method
  6. Micro Tuning – how necessary is this and how to actually get the best tune




Mental & Strategic Training Seminar

By Rick McKinney

At Wilderness Archery, Rocklin, CA – 8 AM to 5 PM April 19, 2020

Hosted by

Wilderness Archery &

Carbon Tech Arrows, Inc.


Mental Training: We will discuss why each area is important and how to develop a program to help you work on your mental game.

  1. Attitude is everything
  2. Comfort Zone: What is it and how to deal with it
  3. Goal Setting: Short term vs long term
  4. Breathing: Various methods to get your mind relaxed
  5. Reaffirmation: Specific ways to start believing you can really do this
  6. Subliminal: A unique method that just might work for you
  7. Relaxation: How to relax and stay determined and psyched!
  8. Focus: How to train your mind to focus on the right things at the right moment
  9. Visualization: How to practice your mind to really believe and be confident
  10. Mental Rehearsal: How to go through the process just before & during an event
  11. Self Talk: This important process is critical in how you think and react
  12. Concentration: Strengthening your concentration so that you can stay focused throughout an event.
  13. Self-hypnosis: Another method that has worked for some archers.


Strategic Training

  1. How many arrows    
  2. Blank Bale vs Target
  3. Distance for blank bale
  4. Eyes open vs eyes closed
  5. How many days per week
  6. Conscious vs sub-consious
  7. ForMaster, Stretch Band, release trainer
  8. Mirror form work
  9. Scoring vs non-scoring
  10. Arrow plotting
  11. Training with a group vs alone
  12. Equipment testing
  13. “Bug-out bag” – what should you have for tournaments
  14. How should you prepare for tournaments


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