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The new CT Panther is a tru-tapered shaft providing a true tapering down the entire length of the arrow, which gives it an accurate tune with . . . adjustable spine control. If you cut the shaft off at the nock end, you increase the spine of the arrow. If you cut the shaft off at the insert end, you decrease the spine of the arrow.

With the heavier front end near the insert, you get a better front-of-center (FOC) thus giving you greater stored energy. It comes with standard CT nocks and Premium CT inserts. No matter where you cut the shaft, the nocks and inserts will fit properly. Using our proprietary Precision Multi-Directional Carbon Layered Design, you get a full dozen arrows that group as one. With our seamless wrapping, you get from 4-5 wraps of carbon material (depending on the size of the arrow).


Straightness:  .005" plus/minus

Weight:  at 28" with just cutting off the front end - 8.4 gpi

Weight: at 28" with cutting off both ends - 8.5 gp

Weight: at 28" with just cutting off the back end - 8.7 gpi


Nocks and inserts are included

Available: Raw Shafts

Fletched with 4" Duravanes (DV)

Fletched with the 2" Blazer Vanes

Price: varies


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