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Carbon Tech's popular all carbon composite arrow gives you just the right amount of strength and speed with an accuracy that is far and away ahead of other arrows offered in today's arrow market. Using our proprietary multi-directional layered design gives the arrow a barrelling effect that gives an extra bit of speed and consistency. The CT Whitetail is an easy arrow to tune for hunting. When you tune one arrow the remaining 11 arrows of a dozen will group with the first arrow. An excellent performaing arrow which is offered in three sizes and two styles.

CT Whitetail XP (straightness .0015" with yellow print)

CT Whitetail (straightness .005 with White print)


Weight in grains Size Spine

5.9 Grains per inch (gpi) - 25/45 - .650"

6.9 Grains per inch (gpi) - 35/55 - .500"

7.9 Grains per inch (gpi) - 40/65 - .400"

9.5 Grains per inch (gpi) - 65/80 - .330"


Available in:

Nocks and inserts are included

Available: Raw Shafts

Fletched with 4" Duravanes (DV)

Fletched with the 2" Blazer Vanes

Cut to length is $15.00 per dozen (please state the length from inside throat of the nock to end of shaft) in the comment area

Price: varies


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