Arrow Safety

Please read before using Carbon Tech Arrows

Safety Precautions: Always inspect your Carbon Tech arrows before shooting. Flex the shaft gradually and look for splitting. Do not attempt to shoot damaged shafts as they may fail causing injury to yourself or your bow. Before shooting, check nocks and points to insure that they are securely fastened to the shaft.

Bowhunting Precautions: As in all hunting situations, when you have harvested your game, inspect the impact area, thoroughly clean the surrounding area of the wound, and make sure you have all fragments disposed of. Ingesting any item, such as broadhead, carbon, aluminum, or other metal fragments can cause harm.

Point-Nock Adapter Installation Instructions: A. Cut shafts to length with a high-speed cut-off saw blade like our new Diamond Blade using the Apple cutoff tool. It is a good idea to set a vacuum cleaner hose next to the cutoff tool in order to collect much of the dust from the cutting. Make sure you use a NIOSH approved dust mask and eye protection, such as safety googles, when cutting arrow shafts. B. Clean the ends of each shaft with denatured alcohol. It is important to clean out all carbon dust from the inside of the shaft for good adhesion. C. Depending on the requiements of installing your inserts, you can use hot melt glues in order to adjust your broadheads (but expect to lose inserts), quick drying glues (cyanoacrylates) such as Goat Tuff (make sure you can push the insert in immediately and once the inserts are in, do not expect to be able to move them), or two part epoxy (can adjust your broadheads once!).

CAUTION!Do not apply flame directly to any carbon shafts. Do not soak carbon shafts in any kind of solvent. Flex the shaft after each shot! The best way to flex the shaft is to hold the end of the shaft with one hand. Lay the other end of the shaft on your knee. Then press in the middle of the shaft with your other hand and roll the shaft (the Flex Test and Roll Method). Do not shoot any shaft that has a crack in it. Inspect all nocks and shafts prior to each use. Remove any nock that is damaged.

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