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Carbon Tech Arrows

CT Rhino

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Hard hitting, solid penetrating and super accurate arrow for the serious hunter.  The CT Rhino series is without a doubt a solid arrow used by many top hunters who want a lot of Kinetic Energy.  Carbon Tech was the first to introduce a heavier all carbon composite arrow shaft made specifically for a more solid penetration than any other arrow.  This formula of several wraps of many different mixtures of carbon composite materials has been the standard for years.  Why not consider getting the best heavy hitting arrow available today. 

CT Rhino XP (straightness .0015" with yellow print)
CT Rhino (straightness .005 with White print)
Weight in grains Size Spine

  • 9.5 Grains per inch (gpi) - 35/55 - .500"
  • 10.0 Grains per inch (gpi) - 45/70- .400"
  • 11.5 Grains per inch (gpi) - 55/80 - .300"
  • 15.0 Grains per inch (gpi) - 70/90 - ,200"

Available in:

  • Nocks and inserts are included
  • Available: Raw Shafts
  • Fletched with the 2" Blazer Vanes
  • Cut to length is $15.00 per dozen (please state the length from inside throat of the nock to end of shaft in the comment area)